Outsource One of the Biggest Organizational Challenges, Invoice Processing to a 20+ Years’ Experienced Service Provider

Lack of time and proper resources can make any organization, be it B2B or B2C, inefficient and unachievable in its invoice processing and other accounting processes. If you didn’t know, invoice processing plays a humungous role in organizational growth and success.

If you are a large corporate, then hundreds (if not thousands) of invoices are received from vendors on a daily basis. And moreover, each company’s, state’s and country’s invoices vary in design, format, layout and location of critical business information, such as numbers, amount, tax ID, dates and addresses.

Therefore, processing hundreds of invoices everyday, manually or without a right kind of software, could be strenuous. As a result, it will negatively impact customer satisfaction and enterprise ranking. Outsourcing invoice processing services to G2 BOOKKEEPING can benefit your business with regular, meticulous and orderly invoice management.

Partner with Us and Get Super Rewards from State-of-the-art Invoice Processing Software

If you want to deploy accurate and precise invoice management system in your organization, you need a high-end invoice scanning technology with all-inclusive invoice processing software. G2 BOOKKEEPING, being a customer oriented company itself, knows how important it is to have a state-of-the-art technology for business operations.

G2 BOOKKEEPING’s Invoice processing software is an Enterprise Content Management platform that includes an automated technology for capturing, differentiating, translating, approving and validating invoices, in different formats (paper and electronic), in to your financial system.

Achieve Maximum Results within Short Turn-Around Time

We deploy automated invoice recognition software that allows processing hundreds of thousands of invoices (from purchase to payment) every day. Our smart invoice management software features the following services:

  • Match purchase orders to invoices
  • Scan original paper invoice copies for data back up
  • Create and generate receipts for electronic invoices
  • Authenticate information and data, including correct codes, values, IDs and numbers.
  • Log or file every transaction (both purchase and payment)
  • Check and handle cashing
  • Create and generate PO receipts
  • Extract line and header items data

Choosing Our Smart Invoice Processing Software Can Garner Many Benefits

The best decision you can make today is outsourcing and automating the cumbersome process of invoicing. Our smart solutions will reap the following benefits for your business:

  • Economical invoice processing software, catering all industries and business size. It’s time to save purchase cost.
  • Fast, yet accurate invoice processing. Based on the need and urgency get invoices processed within 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours.
  • Integrate our smart invoice processing software with any ERP system, already existing in your organization.
  • Save cost by eliminating the tiresome process of recruiting and training in-house team. Instead get readymade experts with total experience of more than 15 years.
  • Get guidance & technical support and receive constant access to our proficient invoice processors, who have an unparalleled record of 99% accuracy rate.
  • Rest assured of complete data protection as we deploy all over services with efficient data security measures, including signing NDAs.
  • With automated software solutions now avoid too many paper works, invoicing typo and late payments.

Learn How We Work – 3-Step Invoice Processing System

Step 1: Source Documents

You can scan and send your invoices in two ways. Either send them via encrypted email attachment or upload on our secured FTP.

Step 2: Process Data

Once the documents are received, our invoice management team would go through each for data accuracy and validation before completing the process.

Step 3: Send Processed Data

Once the process is complete, we shall further evaluate to confirm 100% accuracy and then import data in your accounting system via our secured FTP. We give you the leverage to choose a format for importing.

Why Should You Associate with G2 BOOKKEEPING?

We have been offering customised solutions to our global customers for the past 20 years. All our invoice processing services , such as credit notes, supplier invoices, accounts payable and so on are handled automatically to reduce manual errors. If you want to know what makes G2 BOOKKEEPING a prominent choice for your accounting and invoicing problems, read what follows:

  • Customised Solutions: We provide tailor made invoice processing designs that suit your business best and further help you in overallcost reduction and performance acceleration.
  • Easy to Recognise Benefits: You will start to reap benefits from our automated invoice management technology within a month as you explicitly witness a sharp reduction in total number of errors in data entries, such as total amount, line item, vendor IDs, date and serial numbers.
  • Detailed Progress Report: We keep you posted with a progress chart where you can timely view detailed reports of all the invoices which has been processed. You can also get to view the current status of your invoices along with reconciliation summary statements.
  • Comprehensive Service: To achieve 99.99% accuracy, we also reconcile processed invoices with vendor account balances as a value added service to our invoice process management service.


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