Improve Your Business’ Financial Health with a Systemised and Dedicated Cash Flow Management Techniques

Cash flow management is a cumbersome business process of controlling, analysing and optimising the net amount of cash receipts excluding the cash expenses. The net cash flow determines the financial health of a business. This work requires great dedication and highly precise methodology, which is critical for not only small businesses, but also formedium and large enterprises. The process of cash flow management is so tedious that companies with too many running operations may not accomplish the task accurately, ensuing multiple errors and misbalance of financial resources.

If Your Business Constantly Spends More Than It Earns, You Need To Strengthen Your Cash Flow Management

Having too great a gap between cash inflow and outflow or having ineffective financial management can break a company’s financial bottom-line dramatically and severe its growth opportunities. For any business, especially the start-ups & the smaller ones, the important aspect of cash flow management should be preventing extended cash shortages. If your business is going through a similar situation, then the most promising option that you can consider is outsourcing your cash flow management to a professional service providing company, such as G2 BOOKKEEPING.

Partnering with G2 BOOKKEEPING frees you from the excruciating burden of the routine task of managing, controlling and optimising cash flow management, and puts your objective of acquiring new clients, increasing business productivity and strengthening stakeholder relationship right back on track.

Happiness is Positive Cash Flow, Call Us Today and Create an Accurate Cash Projection

G2 BOOKKEEPING has been providing extensive cash flow management solutions to clients on a global scale for more than two decades now. We help companies from different industries with their cash flow management outsourcing needs by planning and controlling their everyday cash flow activities and long term cash flow projections (1 or 3-5 years).

We are powerfully backed by a team of extremely potential financial accountants, analysts and project managers, with average experience of 10 years, to take care of cash flow transitions and projects with varying complexities.

How Does G2 BOOKKEEPING Organize the Cash Flow Process?

As with any business project, we first conduct an all-inclusive research and analysis on your operations to understand your business in detail. An extensive research gives us insights to information and facts that are unique to your business alone. Once this is done, we dig deeper to comprehend your current financial management situation, while subsequently investigating financial and accounting elements, such as accounts receivables/ payables, cash flow statements, inventory, taxes etc.

After understanding everything, we use highly systemised accounting tools, and with the help of our knowledgeable staffs, we prepare a cash flow statement containing insights and guidelines for future funding requirements and business growth opportunities.

Get Access to Commendable Cash Flow Management Services at G2 BOOKKEEPING

We can help you develop short term (weekly / monthly) cash flow planning and long term cash flow planning (2 – 5 years), whatever it is you choose,at the end of the service period we guarantee that you will see a steadfast increase in your cash inflows. We offer the following solutions to our global clients:

  • Accounts payable and receivable report
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Day to day cash flow report (sales, expenses, incomes and deposits)
  • Bank reconciliation statement
  • Cash flow planning and forecasting
  • Cash budgeting (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually)
  • Financial risk management
  • Illegal activities management
  • Maintaining e-payments
  • Financial contracts evaluation
  • Cash succession planning
  • Internal cash flow control

G2 BOOKKEEPING’s cash management service allows you to:

  • Know when, where, how your business will require cash
  • Be aware of the best sources to seek, for additional cash needs
  • Be prepared for unforeseen needs and maintain a healthy relationship with bankers and other financial institutions

The Two Business Areas We Put Our Prime Focus Are:

  1. Cash Flow Budgeting – Budgeting allows us to predict (to an accurate degree) how much cash should flow out and how much should flow in during the respective period. This will help you to take care of financial risks and provide you methods to handle future cash needs.
  2. Cash Flow Planning – This is similar to budgeting, but provides a viable estimation on future cash inflows in detail. Cost estimation requires periodic monthly statements to devise future investments, budgets and fund raising options.

We also generate historical cash flow statements for you to gain insights as to where your money was spent.

Reasons Why YouShould Allow G2 BOOKKEEPING to Manage Your Cash Flows

Our 20 years of experience has let us work with businesses of all sizes and varying cash needs. We have dealt with almost all industry verticals, such as banking, manufacturing, health care, IT, education, media and government projects. We have the innate ability to accurately understand different businesses and handle multifaceted projects effortlessly.

  1. A magnum team of experts – accounting professionals, chartered accountants, auditors and financial consultants and analysts.
  2. Employment of a proven effective payment and collection policy
  3. Get aesthetic infrastructure and intuitive business tools with no additional investment
  4. Unparalleled data security measures, both physical and electronic
  5. Affordable, reasonable and proactive project delivery packages
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